Thinking Wrong

I don’t know If you guys face this but I always end up thinking about people I am not supposed to think about specially the ones I pushed awag or ran away from.I do not regret over my decisions but I feel sad that the right people appear during the wrong times and you eventually lose hope about someone right appearing again even though you have your whole life left…

Stereotypes of “Being Yourself”

At some point in your life you must have heard the famous line “Be yourself”. I obviously agree with this but I would also love to point out more about this.I have seen people motivating others saying” come on!be yourself”.But we don’t need to hear this anymore, do we?I think people should accept people who are being genuine and are being themselves.We already know how to be extraordinary and sophisticated but we surely lack acceptance in this case.So people tell you to be yourself ask them If they will accept you If you are being yourself.


I see a wave of tiny ants
I see no sir nor ma’am,
I feel chaos through hell
I see the flesh,the soul and bones
The blood that curses the vein;
the mind that distinguishes the heart from the hand.

The worthless war between the fairest
“Human”as they say dignifies even the dirtiest animals in the best way.
“Human” they praise
“Human” I sigh.


I will walk a million miles to find you
I will find heaven in you even If you walk through hell.
I will rise like autumnal winds
just to feel your skin.
I have saved you in songs and poems
I have cursed the angels for your sins
And I have got million reasons more to stay.

Experience with Clinique Lipset

As a reader I love reading short and to the point reviews.So I am going to make it short.American based Clinique ( a subsidiary of The Estée Lauder Companies) manufactures and markets skin care, makeup and fragrance products through partner stores , spas and travel retail outlets globally.I brought the Clinique lipset of 4.The colors are perfect for regular use,specially If you are a school/College/University student.It hydrates your lips and prevents it from dryness.I have dry lips and this lipset has been saving my life constantly.Moreover it’s quite long lasting.The lipset comes in a cute box.I have been using it regularly and I would love to recommend it to everyone.

When the night comes

Only when the night comes

I take this gown off

Sweep the smile away

Crawl into my own skin

Just after the moon grins

The faint stars resurfaces my memory

While the clouds that carry my impenetrable pain;

Slowly fades away

I close my eyes and force sleep

Upon my heavy heart,

Only when the night comes.

PS: I write weird poems so pardon me.

you have never seen yourself

“The desire of the moth for the star,of the night for the morrow/The devotion to something a far/From the sphere of our sorrow”

Isn’t it in our nature to look for something more?From the caterpillar who wants to be the butterfly to the moth who desires for the star.I am no expert but I can think of a possible explanation.Do you know that you have never actually seen yourself?You have always seen reflections of yourself but not the actual you.You want something more because you don’t know what you actually have.Why do we want to escape the sphere of our sorrow? I have personally tried to run away from the sphere of my sorrow by shutting down people from my life.I haven’t let people into my life because I always thought that I will be the reason for their sorrow.No matter how lonely I feel It feels adequate to know that even when I burst up like a grenade there won’t be anyone near me whom I can hurt.Because nobody deserves that shit in their life.

Are Korean beauty products worth it?

In this pandemic period I have seen people experiment with different beauty products and home remedies and I am no different than that.I started watching kdrama from the early lockdown days.I have fallen in love with their skin and hair.I mean you must be kidding me,even a korean 75 year old woman has better skin than me.I have never been into self care so skin care was basically new to me.I usually used normal moisturizers and creams.But all of a sudden I got introduced to the world of toners and exfoliators.I decided to embrace the new beauty and ordered a korean toner online.I did a bit research on Korean Acewell licorice toner and finally ordered it.Korean Acewell toner has a pH level of 5.5 to effectively balance your skin.Peony extract and a high concentration of licorice water that deeply cleanses, hydrates and tones the skin all at the same time.I have been using it for 2 months and boy I am in love with this toner.I have sensitive skin that gets easily irritated just like me.I had little red spots on my face which are long gone.I am deciding to shift to korean beauty products completely.They are really life savers,but finding authentic products can be hard aswell.So make sure to check it out properly before buying.

How to use:After cleansing face and neck, pour small amount of toner onto hands or cotton pads and pat gently onto skin. Follow with sheet mask (optional recommended twice a week), essence, serum, eye cream, then a moisturizer. Deep clean and brighten your skin with this specially formulated toner!

“They Both Die at the end”

QOTD: What was the last book that gave you a heart ache?
Mine would be definitely “They Both Die At The End” this hits different everytime I read it.

“To live is the rarest thing of all”
-Oscar Wilde

They both die at the end is a book that literally gave me a heart ache.The beautiful tragedy of love and loss were depicted so beautifully.Somethings cannot be explained with mere words or emotions and this is definitely one of them.